Fireweed Collective grew out of the hearts and minds of young Alaskans concerned about the future of our home. We came from many different backgrounds, but we all shared a dedication to our communities, a common vision of a just and sustainable future, and an understanding that we were going to have to build this future for ourselves. We also recognized the need for this to take the form of a statewide network, not only to create a unified young people’s movement in Alaska, but also to support and uplift each other through this endeavor. We recognize that movements don’t start in boardrooms; they start around good food, good company, and laughter. Our work requires us to bring our full selves, so we nurture the full self. We strive to uplift and celebrate our different skills, cultures, and communities as we work for the long haul to bring change to Alaska.

In 2019, as Fireweed was forming, Alaska faced many dire challenges that gave young Alaskans a sense of just how urgently this change is needed. Across the state, the escalating climate crisis caused droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, terrifying salmon die-offs, and dangerously thin ice. Meanwhile, Alaska came under the power of Governor Mike Dunleavy, who quickly made it his main objective to slash state support of essential programs that serve elders, youth, and families, as well as the education, arts, and transportation services that hold our communities together. Meanwhile, he left untouched massive subsidies to the same oil and gas corporations that continue to perpetuate the climate crisis and poison our state. But we fought back. As our forests burned and our communities reeled from these threats, we came together, raised our voices, and took action. Due to the direct work of Fireweed Collective members, as well as many others, Alaskans dodged some of the worst of these budget cuts (for now) and are starting to come together in even greater numbers to demand a different future for our state.

We are Fireweed and we shall grow from the ashes of these challenges to build a regenerative and thriving Alaska for all of us. Join us!