Code of Conduct

Fireweed Collective is a statewide alliance of young Alaskans dedicated to building community, developing leaders, and activating our generation for a just and sustainable Alaska.

Community Building We build community by connecting a young generation of Alaskans from different backgrounds and communities in a shared space to learn from each other. We are intersectional and interdisciplinary; in our work we center Indigenous and underrepresented voices.

Leadership Development We act as an entry point & support system for the next generation of Alaskan changemakers by welcoming and supporting young people who want to build skills in community organizing and advocacy. We seek to arm young Alaskans with the tools to make change through mentorship, collaboration, & trainings.

Activation We advance a young people’s vision for a just and sustainable future for Alaska by putting our values into action. We are one piece of the movement for decolonization and social & environmental justice. We uplift our members’ projects and serve as a vehicle to shift statewide dialogue on issues that affect young Alaskans and advocate on behalf of our communities.

As such,

The Fireweed Collective works to form community that is transparent and accessible, inclusive and welcoming, and actively anti-racist. We envision a space that feels safe and joyful for all participants, that is responsible and accountable to its community members, and is constantly striving for growth.

These guidelines are fluid and growing, and help us all to define the higher selves that we hope to bring to this work of collective liberation. As we advocate for political justice, we also must bring justice, balance, and sacredness into our community culture. We need to model the just relationships we are fighting for and “living our vision into reality.”

We recognize that this organization has a powerful genealogy of diverse organizers, groups, communities and cultures. We pay homage to the work and the workers that have come before us and through our work, and we hope to build organizing norms that will carry us toward a just transition. We acknowledge and reaffirm the guiding role of Indigenous wisdoms that our work aims to follow. We ask for teachings and recognize the invaluable contributions of the Indigenous peoples of these lands.

Our vision for this Fireweed Collective Code of Conduct is an affirmative document that outlines what we want our community to be, instead of what we fear it may become. This is a living, nonextensive guide to the community we want to create together– not based in reprimand, punishment, or dismissal– but instead in safety, respect, and love.

Read the document in full here.