Community Building We build community by connecting a young generation of Alaskans from different backgrounds and communities in a shared space to learn from each other. We are intersectional and interdisciplinary; in our work we center Indigenous and underrepresented voices.    

  Leadership Development We act as an entry point & support system for the next generation of Alaskan changemakers by welcoming and supporting young people who want to build skills in community organizing and advocacy. We seek to arm young Alaskans with the tools to make change through mentorship, collaboration, & trainings.      

Activation We advance a young people’s vision for a just and sustainable future for Alaska by putting our values into action. We are one piece of the movement for decolonization and social & environmental justice. We uplift our members’ projects and serve as a vehicle to shift statewide dialogue on issues that affect young Alaskans and advocate on behalf of our communities.